This page lists articles or news outlets that have featured or mentioned me. It also includes case studies from large companies that have featured my work and/or comments.

May 10th, 2022

Cloudflare TV - Migrating to Cloudflare Pages: A look into git control, performance, and scalability

Cloudflare - Developer Speaker Series

February 25th, 2022

DataPacket - How DataPacket's Servers Helped Nodecraft to Expand Outside the US

November 16th 2021

Cloudflare - Developer Spotlight: James Ross, Nodecraft

July 23rd 2021 - Working with Nodecraft

March 23rd 2020

Cloudflare - Cloudflare Spectrum

July 20th 2019

The Oklahoman - Nodecraft CEO's new plan would shake up gaming industry

June 5th 2019

Backblaze - Nodecraft Migrating 23TB of Data from S3 to Backblaze B2

May 23rd 2019

Cloudflare - Cloudflare for Gaming

December 30th 2018

Cloudflare - Nodecraft Switches Cloud Providers to Save Big with Bandwidth Alliance

March 13th 2018

NBA Oklahoma City Thunder - Thunder Launchpad Takes Off With First Batch of Founders

December 14th 2017

Oklahoma City Free Press - Elimination of net neutrality alarms OKC tech companies

October 22nd 2017

The Oklahoman - Online gamer turns interest into successful venture. Paper version.

March 26th 2017

Oklahoma City Free Press - Nodecraft increases game offerings, upgrades user tools

July 22nd 2014

PubNub - Node to Node Communication for Online Game Server Hosting

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